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Caras bonitas y felices

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Miss Marcy

Whoever said that to feel beautiful you had to wait for a special occasion? It seems like we’ve been made to believe that having our makeup done is a luxury reserved for weddings or parties. Some extreme feminist concepts would also have us think that worrying too much about our appearance is something frivolous and inappropriate for a competent student, professional or mother. Thus began the no-makeup-look. But let’s be honest, how many of us are fortunate enough to look good without a trace of makeup on. Miss Marcy’s goal is to entice all women, regardless of age, profession or social class to explore this feminine side which, due to lack of time or the fast-passed rhythm of life these days, lies dormant most of the week.

It is for this reason that we offer make-up classes for groups or individuals, as well as other services oriented not only at cultivating beauty, but also potentializing feminine self-confidence. Because feeling beautiful reaffirms an assurance in yourself that shines through for everyone to see; beautiful, smiling faces!

Marcy is a Chilean journalist and make-up artist from the Christine Valmy School in New York City. After several years as a contributing writer to a Santiago newspaper, Marcy packed her bags and made the move to the Big Apple, where she learnt that by being confident in yourself; you radiate a magnetism that can be perceived by others and triggers positive changes in your life. Her desire to share what she learnt; lead her to look for the best way to do it, which in turn motivated her to study makeup. Now back in her home country, and convinced of the link between beauty attitude, happiness and change; she created Miss Marcy Make Up + Style, a place where makeup is therapy for her spirit and her clients.

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